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For very complex parts
we use advanced 3D scanning methods.

We offer 3D printing, or we can create
a prototype in accordance with customer requirements.

We have a lot of practical knowledge in the production
of parts in the micro scale as well as volumes
of up to several tens of tonnes.

We design new clamping systems for parts
or use existing applications of clamping systems
available on the market in cooperation with
system manufacturers machine manufacturers
and CAD/CAM software developers.

We can program your machines on site with
a complete production setup, or send NC programs
with part-specific setup documentation via e-mail.

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AKBM specializes in 3D design
and CNC programming.  

We offer a wide range of services
in designing new parts.

We have many years of experience
in 3D scanning and reconstruction
having worked in the business since 2004.

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