AKBM’s primary focus is providing
technical support for B2B customers.  
Assisting companies in technical and business negotiations
for new projects and other ventures.

Industrial automation.
Workstation design .

3D pattern design.
Designing fixtures.
CNC programming.
Manufacture of injection molds.
3D scanning.
3D printing.

Personnel training.
External service of CNC machines.

Alzmetall OKK S&T H200 Roboty

- When working on your project, we strive to develop
the best solutions for you, trusting you will return
to us with your next project.
AKBM will provide you with extra technical support.
It can be your additional technical consultancy.

- We have developed and tested remote collaboration techniques to minimize distance and communication problems.

The uniqueness of AKBM is the design work - one designer from start to finish
with attention to detail.


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