Brass, aluminium and zamak die casting moulds.

forma cisnieniowa podest lapa lwa noga do wanny ozdoba do karnisza listek podwojny forma cisnieniowa puszka wypraska akcesoria do energetyki wypraska formy wtryskowej korek wypraski zatyczki formy wtryskowe kontowniki do listwy przypodlogowej

Service support.

Preparation for manufacturing process automation.

Robtyka i automatyka Stanowisko do projektowania i programowania Roboty przemyslowe model 3d forma wtryskowa model formy kolki skosne rysunki 2d dokumentacja formy rysunki 2d forma wtryskowa Maszyny Halbronn Maszyna OKK Halbronn Maszyna Alzmetall Halbronn Alzmetall GS1200

Plastic injection moulds.

Example implementations.

3D design. A coffee cup.

Here is an example of how 3D models are created.
Then, by designing the right tools, manufacturing process is developed.

We can create any model for you.

Artistic design. Artistic manufacturing.
If you have concepts and want to implement them
or need support.

We know how to turn your concepts into reality
and if we don’t, we will learn how to do it :)

# Blanking dies
# Stamping dies
# Trimming dies
# Manufacture from metal


Remote programming of CNC machines.

Image Milling - we contact your CNC operator
and us perform remote programming.

If you would like to find out more
we invite you to contact us by phone.

Programming CNC machines at the customer's factory.

You contact us, tell us what tasks you have
and we do the rest.

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